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About this store

The Airwallex Shop connects our global employees, customers and partners to custom Airwallex merchandise.

Powered by Airwallex’s end-to-end proprietary technology, the Airwallex Shop facilitates all payments involved in the purchase and sale of the merchandise — from collections of funds all the way through to supplier payouts — without needing a traditional bank account.


The genesis of Airwallex

The founders of Airwallex started a coffee shop in Melbourne in 2015 where they saw firsthand the challenges of importing goods and the friction around paying for those goods. – eExchanging currencies on a low margin operation like coffee sales was challenging. They pivoted from running a coffee shop to building a payments company to solve this for the many other companies that are facing the same issues.

Airwallex was built with a single purpose in mind: To create a world where all businesses can operate without borders and restrictions. Airwallex designed its unique financial infrastructure to accelerate the growth of the global digital economy.

Since the company was founded in 2015, they’ve grown to over 1,200 people across 19 major locations. Visit www.airwallex.com to learn more about the company.


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